Give your clients insights on submissions on their finger tips.

Are you an agency or digital marketer who is using email to send leads to clients OR complex CRM web to lead workflows ? Ooops!

We have whats just right for you!

What formX Users say?

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Merll Corp.

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Bobby Axelrod

Axe Capital

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Fallon Carrington

Carrington Atlantic

Its time to start building good client experiences! A solid form backend tool to collect data, organize and automate them based on respective client's usecases.

  • Simplified CRM like solution
  • Enable your clients to know their customers better - add more value.
  • White labelled dashboards to manage it all / Build happy client touchpoints with white labelled reports.
  • Invite clients to manage their data. Needed ?

Woah! Wait does all these take time for me to do ? Looks complex :(  

Bye bye to all those mundane repeated tasks of database, routes, API endpoints, dashboards creation and access management, ... formX just saves the time at every stage of the funnel.

Multiple Account Management - Agency dashboard to manage all your clients data in one place, ensure they are notified etc. Auto trigger reports and a lot more. Play around with it..

No more maintenance headaches. No leads getting missed. Get notified if some website integration has gone down and ..

All you have to do is go point your forms to us and we will take care of the rest!  

Note : Voila! Concentrate on other important things with freedom :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is formX simpler and goto than solutions like Hubspot ?

Minimal CRM and over kill solution.

Can formX be integrated with other 3rd party app ?

Yes. You could connect formX with all third party integrations supported by Zapier.

Can we integrate with wordpress and other static site generators ?

Yup, its less than 5 mins to integrate end to end.

Do i have total control over my data ?

Yup API, and a lot more.Know more